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At Naked Sushi Party, we are here to create a unique and sensual dining experience. We do private parties and large corporate events that will leave your guests talking about your event long after it is over. And for the women who have always wanted to surprise their man with a very special evening, call us on your anniversary or Valentines day and we will set up the sushi on you! We offer many variations of our service such as male model geishas for bachelorette parties, and of course, our dinner parties are the perfect way to start off an unforgettable bachelor party weekend. We have base packages and can customize your requests, just let us know!


The traditional art of Nyotaimori sushi presentation originated in Ishikawa Japan and continues to be practiced there today. The Japanese practice of serving sushi on the naked body of a woman has its origins in the samurai period. It was subculture to the Geishas and would take place in a geisha house as a celebration after a victorious battle. Here at Naked Sushi Party, we try to capture the spirit of the tradition by honoring the body and adorning it with the most exotic omakase selection. Our premium sushi is prepared by our chefs using only the finest and freshest seasonally available sushi. All food is prepared and handled by professionals only and is never in direct contact with the skin. 


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